Austenomania! (with bonus Bret McKenzie)

Well, I have something to say about Austenomania. But first check out this great post from The Victorianachronists. Tune in later to see my take on Austen….

The Victorianachronists

Sometimes everything strangely comes together in a perfect (media) storm. That seems to be the case with Jane Austen this week. Two things of note sprang up yesterday and today. First, this trailer for Austenland, starring Keri Russell as a woman so obsessed with all things Austen that she heads to an Austen theme park/getaway of sorts for period costume/cosplay fun (uhhh, is the NSA monitoring my home? I’m pretty sure Katherine and I would do this for real). It also features Jennifer Coolidge (of the American Pie series), Jane Seymour and BRET MCKENZIE of Flight of the Conchords and Lord of the Rings fame (he plays Lindir (or Figwit for those of you/us REALLY in the know) ). His name gets caps-locked because I’m reallyexcited to see him as a Wickhamesque character in the film. UNF.

Secondly, this ridiculous statue of Darcy.

No, I mean it. WTF…

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